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13/08/2015: Malta and France

I love the summer – when we get sunshine, that is. Maybe it's something to do with being brought up in a hot country but when the sun beams on me, it raises my mood.

I'm about one-quarter of the way into the first draft of a new novel, currently titled Just for the Holidays, set in summertime France. It ‘puts me there' to sit in a patch of sunlight streaming through my study window. And soon I really will be ‘there' as I'm travelling to Strasbourg for a four-day research trip. Happily for me, I have a lovely friend living in the Alsace region, and she's offered me hospitality and to show me around. This makes my research exceptionally easy and enjoyable!

And, talking about hot countries, as many of you know, I have a favourite – Malta, where I spent much of my childhood. I'll be returning there in September and may even be able to combine a little business with pleasure, as I've been approached by the Malta Tourism Authority to do something with them. Fingers crossed.

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