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Explore the Middledip Map

Here's where you can access a copy of the hand-drawn map that I add to whenever I'm writing a Middledip book. I apologise that it's completely out of scale and proportion and my sketches are sketchy

The key locations in Middledip are marked by the small red hearts. Rolling over the marker will reveal the address. Clicking on the marker will open up a new panel with the cover of the book in which this location figured, plus a little background information.

Click the 'Go!' button above to enter an interactive map of Middledip. Enjoy!

The Middledip books

All my books set in the Cambridgeshire village of Middledip are 'standalone', i.e. complete stories in themselves. However, as tends to be the case in villages, some characters touch on the lives of many people and, therefore, appear in more than one book. Does the village have its own timeline? Well, yes, it does, dictated by the order in which I wrote the books. Four of these are now available as the first part of the Middledip Box Set.
Middledip Books 1-4
  • Starting Over
  • All That Mullarkey
  • Dream a Little Dream
  • Is This Love?
Starting Over - Tess comes to Middledip looking for a fresh start but begins badly when she runs into the breakdown truck driven by Ratty who owns the village garage. She moves into Honeybun Cottage down Little Lane. Ratty begin in Ladies Lane but moves to Pennybun Cottage. We also meet Jos and Pete from the garage; Angel, Pete's wife; Tubb from the pub, The Three Fishes; Gwen from the shop; Janice, bar staff at The Three Fishes in Main Road; and Carola, who heads up the village hall committee.
All That Mullarkey - Cleo's living in Port Road, Middledip with her husband Gavin but the writing is on the wall - literally - for this relationship and Ratty becomes Cleo's landlord when she rents his house in Ladies Lane. Then she buys her own place and when Justin is forced out of his flat in Peterborough and Cleo and Gav's relationship is no more he becomes Cleo's lodger. We meet Cleo's wayward little sister, Liza.
Dream a Little Dream - Liza was too naughty and fun to leave forever in the Secondary Characterland so deserves her own story. Things haven't gone well for her since All That Mullarkey but she moves into a little house at The Cross, Middledip. Dominic comes to the village to stay with his cousin Miranda in Great End until he finds a flat on the Bankside Estate. Miranda's by now married to Jos, who first appeared in Starting Over. We have plenty of opportunity to see how Cleo and Justin are getting along.
Is This Love? - Tamara has lived in the village all her life and has her own little house at the end of Great Hill Road in the Bankside Estate. Jed lived there until his life went off-track as a teenager and he returns to give Tamara's family shocking news. He and his stepbrother, Manny (who we met briefly and in a shady role in All That Mullarkey), are working for a mysterious businessman and living in his property, Lie Low, on the edge of the village. We meet Gabe, the one-time bank manager who now lives on his own patch of land with his animals.
The Christmas Promise (a quick visit in Chapter Sixteen/Seventeen) - Ava and Sam's story mainly takes place in London but Sam came from Middledip and knows Ratty and the guys from the garage. He visits his mum Wendy and Aunt Vanessa in Church Close.
The Little Village Christmas - Alexia was brought up in the village. Though she has a cottage and workshop in Main Road she's bursting to move on to bigger things. Ben's left a mess behind in Berkshire and is living in the Woodward Cottage on the Carlysle estate. Gabe invests heavily in converting an old pub into a café but someone runs away with the money. Ben, Alexia, Gabe and Carola get involved in trying to salvage the project of bringing the Angel Community Café into being. Gwen has left the village shop at The Cross and her niece Melanie taken over. Carola's marriage ends. The village hall is temporarily closed.
A Christmas Gift - Georgine knew Joe at school. She was one of the comfortably off kids who lived in Middledip and he lived in a poor estate in Bettsbrough. Since then, their fortunes have changed radically. She's living in Top Farm Road on the Bankside Estate. They're both working at Acting Instrumental, an independent performing arts college converted from Lie Low, the large property owned by Jed's employer in Is This Love? Joe splits his time between living in the apartment Jed occupied in Is This Love? and his house in Camden, London.
A Real Middledip Christmas (short story that first appeared over two weeks in My Weekly) - Tubb from the pub and Janice from behind the bar fall in love. We meet Lily Cortez, who appears in Let it Snow.
Let it Snow - Lily came to the village a couple of years ago. She lives in Carola's basement on Great Hill Road and works part-time at The Three Fishes. When Tubb develops a heart condition he goes to Switzerland with Janice and Isaac comes in as temporary manager, living in guest accommodation over the pub. Lily's also an exhibition designer and as part of one of her jobs she and Carola get up a singing group, the Middletones, to travel to Switzerland.
Christmas Wishes - Hannah's lost her shop in Stockholm and her fink of an ex-boyfriend is trying to swindle her. She returns to Middledip village to look after Nan Heather while she decides what happens next in her life and becomes embroiled with the family of childhood buddy Nico. He's trying to work out what happens next in his life, too. Wishes are easy to make but it's harder to make them come true…
A White Christmas on Winter Street - childhood, when she learned how wonderful Christmas can be amongst people who care. When her adult life implodes along with her friendship with erstwhile foster brother Freddy, she returns to the village to buy the neglected Corner House.

Unfortunately, villager Daz wants the property for his own fresh start, after his girlfriend succumbs to the bright lights of London and his best friend gets mixed up in a fraud… Sky outbids him, but finds that them both living on Winter Street makes him impossible to avoid.
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